About Us

Healix is a popular North London source of  Complementary Health Services.  Established by Helena Pike and Tal Calthrop in 2002 we have run clinics in Southgate and Finchley and now from our respective private clinics in Barnet and Enfield.

Helena Pike   (Naturopathic Iridologist, Herbalist, Reflexologist) 


and Tal Calthrop  MRSS (Mediator and Shiatsu Practitioner -British School of Shiatsu-Do)  have offered a natural health service to our clients for over 15 years.   We have a reputation for friendliness and integrity and are professional, experienced, insured and versed in our particular modalities; dedicated to assist you achieve a higher level of health and wellbeing to enable you make the most of every single day.

Tal Calthrop, MRSS

Tal Calthrop  MRSS

As well as offering treatment and advice for existing illness we believe that preventative medicine helps you enjoy your life free from premature ageing, disease and needless pain.  Good health is our most prized possession, generating a positive mindset of confidence, enthusiasm, strength and joyfulness that can trigger a life of optimum achievement.  Such vibrant health does not occur by luck or by chance. Like all things of great value, it must be tended and nurtured with care.  This process can be supported with the proper help and guidance.  At Healix we strive to give each and every client the tools they need to educate them help themselves.

Located conveniently in North London and Enfield we can also visit your home, office, nursing or retirement homes if the client is unable to travel to see us.  We have many returning clients and hope that we may be of service to you today.